Planning your Presentation- Step three: Check out the venue and logistics

Murphy’s Extended Law:

If a series of events can go wrong, they will do so in the worst possible sequence.

By now, you already know the purpose of your presentation, you have researched the audience and you are in a position to plan Murphy’s Law out of the equation.

Following are some important considerations in the final planning phase of Effective Presentations. Before crafting your message, you should have some answers to the following questions:

Where will you be delivering your presentation? (Get the correct physical address.)

Can you access this venue early to set up well ahead of time? (Any security issues?)

What is the size and lay-out of the venue?

What are the seating arrangements? How many people are expected?

What can you arrange to serve as back-ups to your visual supports?

What equipment will be organised for you and what will you have to arrange/supply?

Will you be introduced by someone else, or do you have to establish credibility on your own?

Take special care by asking questions around connectivity of your visual support material, sound systems, use of lapel microphones, use of auto-cue’s, positioning of lecterns, provision of handouts (before, during or after your message); availability of flip charts, whiteboards. Finally and most importantly – who can help if technical hitches occur – direct access to, name, phone number and location of this person.

When planning to deliver a memorable presentation, take care of the little technical factors that can throw everything sideways. Just like a good tradesperson should never blame their tools for failures – professional presenters shouldn’t make excuses for poor delivery due to venue mishaps and technical hiccups.

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